ORLEN Paczka - domestic parcels in Poland
What’s new? 09.12.2021

ORLEN Paczka service at Meest Post

The cheapest way of shipping domestic parcels in Poland

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Special offers 25.11.2021

Black Friday at Meest Post. Something special for bargain hunters!

TODAY ONLY, you will pay 25% less for delivery.

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What’s new? 23.11.2021

The new way of sending parcels from Poland to Ukraine

For those who like to get things done without leaving home.

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What’s new? 13.10.2021

Brand new service at Meest Post: domestic delivery in Poland

Meest Post is not only an international parcel delivery service. We also provide domestic services! And we start with Poland.

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What’s new? 04.10.2021

Greece, Cyprus and Slovenia – new countries of dispatch in Meest Post

From today you can send parcels to Ukraine from Greece, Slovenia and Cyprus, on your way to work or shopping.

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What’s new? 17.08.2021

You can send parcels from Poland to Ukraine in several ways

On the Meest Post website, we have launched a service for sending parcels from Poland to Ukraine.

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What’s new? 29.07.2021

Meest Post sends greetings from Spain and Portugal

We are not afraid of a hot summer! We have launched a parcel delivery service to Ukraine from hot Spain and Portugal for you.

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What’s new? 05.07.2021

Buongiorno! Meest Post operates in Italy

You can now send parcels from Italy to Ukraine at any DHL drop-off point!

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Special offers 11.03.2021

We start with spring energy!

Now you can send parcels to your relatives and friends in Ukraine from the nearest DHL parcel locker or drop-off point.

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What’s new? 05.11.2020

What does the Meest Post service look like in practice?

Meest Post can be used to send parcels to Ukraine in a number of ways, depending on the country from which a parcel is sent.

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