Meest Post in Bulgaria!


We send parcels worldwide.

We deliver parcels worldwide, including Ukraine, Moldova, Baltic countries, European Union countries, Asia, USA, and Canada.

How can you send a parcel?

  • From the Meest Post office at 18 Kirila i Metodiya Street, Ravda village.

  • By calling a courier who will pick up the parcel directly from your residence or office.

  • General helpline number: +35 987 959 10 74; +35 050 486 59 40

Delivery time is from 7 days. Payment is accepted in euros and Bulgarian levs. Online parcel tracking is also available.

Our advantages:

  • We pack the parcel and fill out the declaration to save your time.

  • We ensure advantageous, convenient, and safe delivery.

  • Payment at the Meest Post office can be made by card or cash.

  • We insure every postal shipment.

Detailed tariffs for our services can be found at the links below:

Meest Post - wherever you are!

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