Send parcels from Poland to Germany!


Get doorstep delivery by courier starting at just 64,90 PLN!

Send parcels from Poland to Germany with Meest Post starting at just 64.90 PLN!

How to do it? 

  • Go to 

  • Enter parcel details 

  • Choose a convenient shipping and delivery method 

  • Pay online and send!

In Germany, we ensure your parcels are delivered straight to the recipient's door, offering maximum comfort and convenience.

And it works both ways! We also handle deliveries from Germany to Poland, making it seamless for you to send and receive parcels.

Delivery time is from 3 days. Payment is accepted in euros, dollars, or the currency of the sender's country. Track your parcel every step of the way, from pickup to delivery.

Visit and register your parcel today! 

Meest Post is where you are!

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