About us

About us

Meest Post – your international postal service   

Meest Post is a website offering international postal services to customers in the C2C sector. The website can be used to order parcel deliveries from various EU countries and to send an instant money transfer to Ukraine. 

Meest Post complements and is the further development of a service consisting of delivering parcels from Poland to Ukraine, which was launched in 2015 and which enables packages to be sent from all Poczta Polska outlets (the Paczka Ukraina Plus [Package Ukraine Plus] service). A few years later – thanks to Meest integrating with other postal operators – the service can be used to register parcels online with the paczkadoukrainy.pl website and to send them by courier and from over 40 000 service points in Poland. 

At present, we are developing a network of drop-off points and entering into cooperation with postal operators in other European Union countries so that international postal services can be used in any EU country and, in due course, throughout Europe and outside it via the meestpost.com website.  The Meest Post website is hosted by Meest Polska which is proactively developing services for the C2C segment.   

Meest Polska – a postal operator with a tradition dating back several decades   

Meest Polska is a postal operator providing logistics and postal services to private individuals and business clients, among other things, in the e-commerce sector.

We specialize in delivering parcels from EU countries to recipients in Ukraine and other countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States. We organize the delivery of goods from the warehouses of online stores in Poland and other EU countries to the countries in Eastern, Central and Southern Europe, using our own warehouses located in the countries of dispatch. 

Meest Group, which includes ROSAN, Meest Express and Meest companies all over the world, is the strategic business partner of Meest Polska. Thanks to our cooperation with ROSAN we are the leading player on the Ukrainian market.

Company information

Meest Polska Sp. z o.o.

ul. Drogowców 7,

39-200 Dębica

NIP (TAX ID): PL8722267231

KRS: 0000259760

EORI: PL872226723100000

Postal operator: B-00183

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