We present MEEST Association for Aid to Ukraine


Together we can do more

The MEEST Association for Aid to Ukraine was established by individuals related to the MEEST Postal and Logistics Group, which has operated on the Ukrainian market for more than 30 years.
Current actions of the Association are aimed at supplying food to the areas in Ukraine affected by war, which are experiencing food shortages.
From March to May 2022, the Association together with Ukrainian Meest Charitable Foundation under the Box4Ukraine initiative provided to Ukrainian charities more than 900 tonnes of food and more than 5,000 tonnes of other articles constituting humanitarian aid. The aid was delivered to those who needed it the most, including the residents of Bucha and Irpin.

Delivered food is packed in kits. Each kit contains complete food products, sufficient for one person for approximately 14 days (a 10 kg kit) or 30 days (a 20 kg kit). The calorific value is consistent with the standards defined by the World Health Organization, a specialized agency of the United Nations. The kits are transported to the social organizations in Ukraine, which provide food to those who need it the most: dependent persons (the ill, children, the elderly) and persons affected by poverty. The organizations with which we cooperate in Ukraine include: Plast Lviv or the Lviv Voluntary Kitchen (associated with the Ukrainian Catholic University).

The MEEST Association for Aid to Ukraine connects the persons, companies and institutions that want to help with Ukrainian charities. On behalf of the Association we would like to invite you to help and purchase ready-made kits:

If you want to order a small number of kits, use the order form available on the Meest Post website:

We also encourage you to make donations to the Association's account. All collected funds are allocated to the implementation of aid activities for the benefit of the Ukrainian community in Ukraine and Poland. Payment details can be found here:

Thank you!
In solidarity with Ukraine

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