Do you want to send a parcel to Ukraine?


Check which delivery methods are currently available in the recipient's place

Do you want to send a parcel to Ukraine and you are wondering what is the easiest way to check whether the delivery to a specific city or town is currently carried out?
Go to On the Meest Post website we have created a separate page that will allow you to quickly check the availability of various delivery methods.

To find out if it is possible to deliver the parcel by courier, enter the postal code of the recipient city or town. If you want to send your parcel to Meest or Nova Poshta pick-up point in Ukraine, search for the point on the map or from the list using the address of the point.
On this basis the system will display an appropriate message about the availability of the delivery.

The database of supported postal codes of the delivery location and the database of pick-up points is constantly updated, so after such verification you can safely send the package via

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