Important information regarding parcels delivery to Ukraine


Rules of parcel contents

We would like to inform you that customs is holding parcels that do not meet the criteria for allowable content.
Please declare the contents of your packages in full. 

Do not send:

  • Packages weighing over 10 kg if hey only contain food products

  • Packages weighing over 10 kg containing food products and other items where only food products are declared

  • Food products with a short shelf life and products that spoil quickly

  • Food products without a factory seal

  • Any alcoholic beverages

  • Tobacco products

  • Animal food

  • Seeds and seedlings

You can find a full list of prohibited items here.
Customs considers such packages to be improperly declared or containing prohibited items.

Meest Post offers two solutions for the sender who violates the rules of package contents or declaration:

  • returning the package to the sender with payment of 100% of the cost of the delivery and an additional 99 PLN for the return service

  • disposal of the package.

We sincerely ask all our clients to make sure that the contents of their packages are properly declared and comply with the rules established by customs.
You can always contact our customer support center at for consultation.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding, and thank you for choosing Meest Post as your delivery partner.

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