Meest Polska transports humanitarian aid to Ukraine


Please bring parcels to Meest Polska humanitarian aid warehouse.


If you are willing to help, please bring humanitarian aid parcels to the following address:

Meest Polska – humanitarian aid warehouse,

Metalowców 51 St.

39-200 Dębica

Working hours: daily from 8.00 to 22.00. 
If you are able to deliver parcels to the warehouse, but in different hours, please contact us:

Aid will be delivered to the Lviv Regional State Administration.


We ask you to:

  • bring to the Meest Polska warehouse only basic goods, the categories of which are listed below;

  • pack only one type of goods into one carton (e.g. "Foodstuffs", "First aid, first aid kits");

  • write with a marker on carton, what exactly is in the parcels;

  • not to create small parcels, but pack the goods in the possibly largest boxes. This will facilitate their transport.

Categories of basic goods, defined by the Government of Ukraine:

  • First aid, First aid kits  

  • Field rations / tourist food  

  • Food stuff 

  • Clothes and footwear, non-military 

  • Blankets, Beddings, Karemats, tents, matteresses, sleeping bags 

  • Tableware, Disposable 

  • Hygiene products, women pads, diapers, nappies 

  • Torches, standalone lamps, Candles 

  • Tent heaters, heaters 

  • Biotoilets 

  • Electronics: Communications (mobile phones, walkie-talkies, radio transmitters, radios), Laptops and tablets, Batteries, power banks 

  • Generators 

  • Containers for liquids with a capacity of 10 and 20 liters (canisters for water, fuel, lubricants) 

  • Wheelchairs (children and adults), walkers, rollers, crutches 

In solidarity with Ukraine!


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