Meest Polska organizes the delivery of humanitarian aid parcels to Ukraine


Join the action and send a parcel in any way convenient for you.

Support Ukraine

All parcels will be delivered to the Meest Polska warehouse in Dębica, and then transported to the Lviv Regional State Administration, which distributes sorted aid to appropriate organizations in Ukraine. 
At the moment, we are not able to deliver parcels to specific organizations or people.


Please follow the instructions below when preparing your humanitarian aid parcel. Thanks to this, your help will be more effective.

  • Send only basic necessities from the list prepared by the Ukrainian government, for example: first aid kits, field rations, food stuff

  • Pack only one type of goods into one carton (e.g. hygiene products, food) 

  • Use a marker pen to write on the carton what exactly you are sending 

  • Prepare the largest possible package, within the maximum dimensions and weight allowed by the shipping operator (e.g. GLS, DHL) 


Register the parcel on the Meest Post website ("Support Ukraine" tab), specifying the shipping method, sender's details and the category of the goods being sent. 
Then send the parcel by the choosen method. You have the following options:

  • GLS or DHL courier, 

  • InPost parcel lockers, 

  • Żabka stores, 

  • ORLEN Paczka points. 

A symbolic fee is charged for sending a parcel through the website, which is intended to cover part of the delivery costs.


If you want to send a large amount of humanitarian aid parcels to Ukraine, you can arrange their transport to the Meest warehouse in Dębica on your own: 

Meest Polska – humanitarian aid warehouse

Metalowców 51 St. 

39-200 Dębica

Working hours: daily from 8.00 to 22.00. 

If you are able to deliver parcels to the warehouse, but in different hours, please contact us:


Self-delivery makes it possible to transport goods of larger dimensions. In this case, the list of basic necessities is longer and also includes:

  • Wheelchairs (for children and adults), walkers, rollers, crutches 

  • Folding beds 

  • Power generators  

  • Composting toilets 

No fees will be charged from the senders for tranporting the parcels with humanitarian aid to Ukraine, when the parcels are delivered to Meest Polska warehouse on their own.


Via the website, you can currently send parcels from Poland. Soon there will be added more countries from the European Union area, from which it will be possible to send humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

We sincerely thank all the Helpers.

Special thanks go to the official partner of the action: GLS Poland

In solidarity with Ukraine!


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