Current information about the parcel delivery service to Ukraine


The service of sending parcels to Ukraine has been suspended until further notice.

Please be advised that due to the war in Ukraine, we are currently unable to provide you with an effective delivery of parcels to Ukraine. We will try to renew our services to Ukraine as soon as it is possible. Please be advised that we will try to deliver to the recipients all parcels registered through the website, which have been sent to Ukraine.

We assure you that in the event that the delivery of parcels proves to be temporarily impossible, we will refund you money for the service and, if possible, the parcels themselves.

Parcels that have not yet been shipped to Ukraine may be returned to senders. If you wish to return your parcels, please contact our Customer Service Department:

+48 22 113 40 54

We will inform you about any changes in the operation of our services on a regular basis, in particular in the news section of our website.

We invite you to use our other services available on the website, in particular parcel delivery in Poland, and soon also to other European Union countries.

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