We’re expanding! New postal services by Meest in Europe


We are pleased to announce the launch of a new service consisting of delivering parcels to Ukraine from Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands and, shortly, also from other European countries.

Modern international postal service

Meest has been providing and expanding international parcel delivery services for more than 30 years. We have the most experience in handling deliveries to Ukraine due to continuing the founding idea of Meest. From the very outset of our company’s existence we have been creating services which make it possible to unite Ukrainians living outside Ukraine with their countrymen at home.    So far, for individual customers in Europe we have been providing parcels delivery service from Poland to Ukraine as part of In developing this service, we have launched the website which enables parcels to be sent to Ukraine from various European countries.  Meest Post is our idea to create a modern postal service available using any smartphone, i.e. without queueing and within easy reach. In our opinion, a postal service also includes financial services which is why, as part of, you can also send fast money transfers to Ukraine from other countries in Europe.  We are striving to make the Meest Post service operate throughout Europe and, at the next stage, also outside it. 

Experience and infrastructure of Meest 

We are integrated with the largest postal operators in the countries of dispatch, and we have our own courier company and a number of partner companies in Ukraine. As a result, we are able to carry out and effectively ensure the smooth running of the entire delivery process – from the moment a parcel is sent until its delivery to the final recipient.  We are entering new European markets with a competitive service, world-class know-how in postal services, a network of reliable partners and knowledge of the local conditions.  We believe that the service we have launched will meet our customers’ expectations. 

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