New duty-free limit for import goods into Ukraine


Tax changes for international parcels

A law passed by the Ukrainian parliament has increased the duty-free import limit for goods sent in international parcels and addressed to individuals in Ukraine. The threshold has been raised by 50 euros and now stands at 150 euros. The standard that was in force until July 2019 has thus been reinstated.

What does this mean in practice?
If an international parcel or parcels sent on the same day and addressed to the same recipient in Ukraine, e.g. parcels from Poland to Ukraine, contain goods of a total value not exceeding 150 euro, the recipient will be exempt from customs duties and VAT on such parcels.
In case of parcels exceeding this amount the recipient will be obliged to pay:
- tax 20%,
- customs duty 10%
of the difference between the actual and non-taxable value of a parcel (150 euro).

For example:
For a parcel worth 250 euros, the total value of tax and duty will be 30 euro.

(250 - 150) 0.2 + (250 - 150) 0.1 = 20 (tax) + 10 (duty)

Source of information:

At you can send parcels from Poland to Ukraine, as well as from other countries such as the Czech Republic, Germany or Austria, with a declared value not exceeding 150 euro. If you send parcels above this amount, you do so at your own risk. In such situation, remember to inform the recipient that he or she will be obliged to pay tax and duty. If receiver refuses to pay tax and custom duties, the parcel will be returned to the sender at his expense.

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