Meest Post simplifies the registration of shipments


New way of declaring the contents of parcels sent to and from Ukraine

Sending parcels with Meest Post is becoming even easier and faster!

Starting from May 16th, for parcels sent to and from Ukraine, there will no longer be a need for manual declaration of parcel contents on the website. It will be enough to choose the names of the shipped goods from a ready-made list during parcel registration. The narrowed-down list will appear after entering three letters of the product name.
To each product selected from the list is assigned a corresponding customs code in our database, which is necessary for the proper handling of parcels.

This simple change will shorten the time required for parcel registration and processing, and provide faster delivery to your loved ones.

Visit to see how easy it is to send parcels with Meest Post.
You can now send parcels to Ukraine from nearly 30 countries!

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