Important notice about declaring your parcel contents


Make sure you enter the parcel details correctly so that your shipment arrives on time

Correct declaring the contents of parcels is extremely important, especially in the case of parcels sent to and from Ukraine.

In Meest Post, you can declare the contents of the shipment by selecting the names of the products  from the list. This will shorten the time of registering the parcel, and more importantly - also the time of its further handling. Each product selected from the list has assigned an appropriate customs code, which, according to the latest regulations, is necessary for the correct handling of shipments in Ukraine.

We realize that finding and manually entering the correct customs codes would be a pain, so we've simplified the process. Just select the products  from the list. The list of goods will be displayed after entering three letters of the name of the product.
Only if your product is not on the list, enter its name manually.

Declarations with products names entered manually must then be completed with the appropriate customs codes, which extends the time of handling and delivery of shipments.

Thank you for choosing Meest Post as your parcel delivery partner!

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