New possibilities of the InPost lockers


Parcels to all European Union countries

Now, from the InPost parcel locker, you can send parcels not only to Ukraine and other places in Poland, but also to any country in the European Union.
Try the new service at You'll find it only there!

Why to use it?

  • You don't need to print an address label! You will receive a code via SMS that will open the locker.

  • When registering a parcel on, you do not even have to decide from which parcel locker you will send the parcel! You can choose any InPost parcel locker that you will have on your way.

  • The shipped parcel will reach the recipient in the European Union in just a few days!

Remember! The size of the parcel cannot exceed the dimensions: 41 x 38 x 64 cm, to fit in a parcel locker.
If you want to send a larger package, use the courier shipment option, also available on the Meest Post website.

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