On the occasion of Children's Day


20% discount on parcels to Ukraine! Promotion only for logged in users.

Children's Day is approaching. On this occasion, we encourage you to send parcels to children in Ukraine. A gift is a good way to give children a moment of joy and show that you are thinking about them.

Sending a parcel to Ukraine on, you can use a 20% discount on delivery! The promotion lasts until June 1 and applies to parcels containing at least one product for a child: sweets, toys, coloring books or children's clothing.

How to use the discount:

  1. Log in to your account at If you don't have an account yet, sign up. Promotion works only for logged in users!

  2. Fill in the parcel registration form. Remember to include at least one children's product in the content declaration.

  3. Enter the promo code DITY and pay for the delivery.

Done! Instructions on how to send the parcel will be sent to you with the order confirmation e-mail.

And ... we wish a lot of joy to all children, the little and the big ones😊

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