ORLEN Paczka service at Meest Post


The cheapest way of shipping domestic parcels in Poland

ORLEN Paczka  – a convenient service of sending and delivering domestic parcels in Poland is now available on Meest Post website!

The operator of the service is RUCH S.A., a long-term partner of Meest Polska. Therefore, ORLEN Paczka network consists of RUCH kiosks, operator’s partner service points marked with ORLEN Paczka logo and additionally parcel lockers located mainly at ORLEN petrol stations. A good option for drivers😊 In total, customers have at their disposal over 6,000 parcel drop-off and collection points all over Poland.

Christmas promotion

The unquestionable advantage of the service is its attractive price. And until December 24 on meestpost.com the price will be even more attractive! You will pay only 5 PLN for the parcel delivery! Prepare gift boxes and enjoy promotion without any limits!:)

How to send a domestic ORLEN Paczka parcel in three simple steps:

  1. Register your parcel and pay for it on the meestpost.com;

  2. Attach the printed address label to the package;

  3. Send a parcel from a drop-off point or parcel locker.

ATTENTION: Maximum dimensions of the parcel: 19 x 30 x 50 cm.

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